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Our Leadership and Staff


Revd Anthony Barnshaw


Anthony came to Anchorsholme in October 2019 with his wife Sally and their two youngest children. He is originally from North Manchester. He grew up in a non-Christian family but came to faith in Jesus after joining a Pentecostal church youth group. He was ordained in 2005 and has ministered in Salford, Bury and Cheadle Hulme. He is most passionate about the finished work of Jesus on the Cross to die for our sins; Jesus' resurrection from the dead and the hope that gives us of Heaven. 

In his spare time he loves to go to the gym, read and watch football, especially Manchester United and FC Utd of Manchester but don't hold that against him!

Shirley Wardle

Community Engagement Worker

Shirley is a qualified primary school teacher. She now works full time for All Saints and can be seen out and about in the church and parish visiting people with her husband Steve (pictured). She also works very hard organising groups and events for the church and local community.

Shirley and Steve.jpg
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Jess Rowe

Licensed Lay Minister

Jess is a Licensed Lay Minister with the Church of England. This means she has undergone theological training and holds a Bishop's licence to preach and assist in the ministry at All Saints.

Tim Wooldridge and Jacqui Green

Church Wardens

Jacqui and Tim, along with the vicar, take primary responsibility for leading All Saints. They have a particular duty to deal with day to day practicalities and co-ordination with the Diocese.

tim and jacqui square.jpg

Ian Wilks

Church Administrator

The work Ian does in the Church Office often goes unseen but he is a very important part of our team. He is the first point of contact for many of our enquiries.

Amanda Wooldridge

Amanda is a primary school Headteacher and so has received Safeguarding training within her profession as well as within the Church of England. She is also an Authorised Lay Minister. She is very approachable and understands the importance of confidentiality. If you have any concerns about Safeguarding at All Saints please do not hesitate to contact her. 


Norma Elkington

Pastoral Care Team Leader

Norma is an Authorised Lay Minister which means she has undertaken specific training with the Church of England to work as a pastoral care assistant. To contact Norma via the church office please click on the link below.

Janet Bellis

Authorised Lay Minister

Janet is a member of our pastoral care team. which means she has undertaken specific training with the Church of England to work as a pastoral care assistant.


Dr Kenneth Wong

Licensed Lay Ministry Trainee

Dr Kenneth Wong is currently training to be a Licensed Lay Minister with the Church of England. He is also involved with the work of the Christian Medical Fellowship which supports and equips Christians in the medical professions.   

Sarah Tarbuck

Licensed Lay Ministry Trainee

Sarah is currently in training to be a Licensed Lay Minister with the Church of England. She is also our Home Group Co-ordinator. If you would like to join a Home Group please contact her in church or by email using the link below.

Screenshot 2022-05-26 211722.jpg


Parochial Church Council

The church is led by the PCC which includes the Vicar and two Church Wardens. The PCC and Wardens are elected by those who have signed up to All Saints Parish Electoral Roll at the APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting).

The current members are: 

Revd Anthony Barnshaw (Chairperson); Julie Barlow; Edith Bate; Peter Chivers; Janet Clark; Yvonne Davies (PCC Secretary); Mick Green; Jacqui Green (Warden); Stephen Green (Treasurer); Kerrie Holme; Mike LeDieu; Brian Rowe (Deputy Chairperson); Jess Rowe; Steve Wardle; Philip Watson; Susan Watson; Amanda Wooldridge (Safeguarding Officer); Tim Wooldridge (Warden)

If you are signed up to All Saints' Electoral Roll you can ask one of the members of the PCC to ask a question on your behalf at one of the meetings.

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