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Our Leadership & Staff

All of the leadership/ staff team can be contacted via the 'Contact Us' button.

If you need to speak to Amanda about a Safeguarding concern, please click on the link in her profile below.



Parochial Church Council

The church is led by the PCC which includes the Vicar and two Church Wardens. The PCC and Wardens are elected by those who have signed up to All Saints Parish Electoral Roll at the APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting).

The current members are: 

Revd Anthony Barnshaw (Chairperson); Julie Barlow; Peter Chivers; Janet Clark; Yvonne Davies (PCC Secretary); Michele Duer; Mick Green; Jacqui Green (Warden); Stephen Green (Treasurer & Assistant Church Warden; Kerrie Holme; Mansel Jones; Mike LeDieu; Steve Wardle; Philip Watson; Susan Watson; Amanda Wooldridge (Safeguarding Officer); Tim Wooldridge (Assistant Church Warden)

If you are signed up to All Saints' Electoral Roll you can ask one of the members of the PCC to ask a question on your behalf at one of the meetings.

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